Toy Fair 2012 – Mega Bloks – Halo & Halo: Universe

And wrapping up coverage of Mega Brand’s toy fair show room continues, here’s whats new for the Halo line and introducing Halo: Universe.

Halo: The popular line of construction toys based on the X-Box franchise continues in 2012 with some great sets. The single figure sets contine with the Halo Armory Pack, series 2 with 4 different characters avaialable. To army build, the Combat Unit 8 sets are perfect – each consisting of 3 figures complete with armory and weapons rack. Smaller vehicle based sets include the Brute Chieftain Charge, the Drop Pods II assortment, the Orbital Banshee Blitz set including botha defense turret and a EVA Spartan, and anewly designed Covenant Wraith set. Larget vehicles include the Covenant Seraph,  UNSC Rhino, and the UNSC Sabre and Gantry. The Sabre in particular caught my eye at toy fair, the way the grey blocks had black resin mixed in them made it look like a black wash was applied to the vehicle, giving it a realistic appearance. Finally, if you need someplace to wage your battles, the environment set Battlescape III is the perfect stage for your toys.

Halo: Universe: The Halo: Universe line takes the Mega Bloks Halo toys and shrinks them down to a collectible miniature size. Unlike other die cast vehicles, they retain the appearance of construction toys with exposed studs and look of the larger buildable sets. Additionally each of the baseplates are interlockable, allowing you to build your world – tiling your surfaces with minature Halo battles. Available sets range from packs of 6 soldiers, basic vehicles (the Warthog, Banshee) , the Heavy Armored Vehicles (Scorpion and Covenant Wraith) and the UNSC Falcon.

Images of all these sets are in the gallery below for your viewing pleasure!


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  1. Hi Julian – thanks for reading. Press info has an SRP of $84.99 with a release date of Fall 2012. – Matt

  2. wow rlly expensive but its a good set is the brute chieften the same price as the brute chopper? is the wraith the same as the other one or not?

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