San Diego Comic-con 2015 Exclusives

SDCC 2015 logoHere we are again, the 2015 San Diego Comic-con (SDCC!) exclusives tracking page. This year the show takes place July 8th through 12th. This year, gametoyworld is celebrating 6 years of providing the biggest and best list of SDCC exclusives. Bookmark this page, like the site on facebook, follow me on twitter or subscribe to the feed, as it is updated anytime I get wind of a new exclusive, meaning this list gets longer and longer the closer we get to the show.

Are you offering an exclusive at the show?  Drop me a line to get your product on the list, you can contact me here.  If you see anything missing from the list or anything needing a correction – don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

Disclaimers: The list of companies below is based on 2014’s list and may, or may not, be indicative of what companies will have exclusives for 2014. While every effort is taken to ensure only factual and correct information is posted, there is a risk that incorrect information will be posted; particularly well in advance of the show.

3D Retro

Acme Archives Limited

AFX (Action Figure Xpress) – Attendee Pre-order / Non-Attendee Pre-order

Applehead Factory 

Bandai America

Big Tent Entertainment

Bluefin / Tamashii Nations

Cross Country Collectibles / Convention Exclusive / Crazy Cat Collectibles
Dark Horse Comics (non-comic items)

Dweores (small press area, booth N1)

Diamond Comics (pre-order links go to Entertainment Earth; does not include Diamond Select items)

Diamond Select Toys (Booth #2607)

DKE Toys

Entertainment Earth (non-attendee preorders available now)

Factory Entertainment

Fugitive Toys


Furry Felines

Gentle Giant Studios


G. I. Joe


Star Wars

My Little Pony


Hollywood Collectibles Group

Hot Toys (Summer Exclusives, not available at SDCC, but via Sideshow)

Jakks Pacific



Lego (each limited to 250/day)
Marvel Comics 
Mattel – Voucher Presale at starting 6/1/15 for Club Eternia Member, 6/2/15 for all

Mezco – booth #3445

Moebius Models


Monogram International, Inc. 

Mr. Toast



October Toys


Quantum Mechanix 


Square Enix

Steam Crow

Store Horsemen – located at Action Figure XPress

Stylin’ Online

Super 7

Symbiote Studios

Tamashii Nations – See Bluefin
The Loyal Subjects

  • Stealth TMNT Vinyls
  • Blue Ranger “Crystal Edition” – 500 available – $15.99
  • Red Ranger “Crystal Edition” – 500 available – $15.99
  • Clear Frenzy & Buzzsaw Tape Pak – 500 available – $29.99
  • Rita Repulsa vs. Pink Ranger “Metallic Edition” – 500 available – $29.99
  • Clear Black Mirage – $500 available – $15.99
  • Battle Damaged TMNT 4 pack – 500 available – $59.99
  • Constructicon 3 pack (Yellow / Purple Edition) – 500 available – $49.99
  • Metallic Jumbo (8″) Leonardo – 300 available – $56.00
  • Blue Rumble & Black Laserbeak – 500 availabile – $29.99
  • TMNT Stealth 4 pack – 500 available – $59.99
  • A mystery Nickelodeon release
  • White Ranger vs. Lord Zedd “Metallic Edition” – 500 available – $29.99
  • Pink Ranger “Crystal Edition” – 500 available – $15.99
  • Red Ranger vs. Goldar “Metallic Edition” – 500 available – $29.99

Titan Entertainment


Toys R Us (available at Entertainment Earth booth)

  • Transformers Masterpiece Bluestreak
  • Star Wars Jabba Rancor Pit Set (Jabba, Rancor, Slave Leia, Jedi Luke, C-3PO, Gamorrean Guard)
  • GI Joe Desert Duel
  • Pop! TV – Flash Unmasked
  • My Little Pony Maud Pie
  • My Little Pony Daring Do
  • My Littpe Pony Princess Celestria
  • Might Morphin’ Power Rangers Black and Gold Megazord
  • Mortal Kombat Raiden
  • 1966 Batgirl (Most likely Mattel’s)

Toy Tokyo

Treasure Island Sports
Trend Setters

UCC Distributing
Udon Entertainment (booth #4529)


Upper Deck
VIZ Media

  • Ultraman Vol 1 with special Iron Man Figure – $30
  • Doraemon Plush
  • Sailor Moon T-shirts
Yamato USA


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