Toy Fair 2020 – Hasbro’s Star Wars

To sum up the Star Wars section of Hasbro’s Toy Fair Brand Presentation there are three words that come to mind…Empire Strikes Back. A bulk of the reveals are from this classic entry in the original trilogy. Before we jump in to the ESB themed reveals here are the other things mentioned

  • Battle Bobblers – a new expression of vinyl figures with a springy bobble action including Han Solo, Boba Fett — C3PO and Stormtrooper
  • Mission Fleet – new vehicle based toys with 2.5″ figures
  • from The Mandalorian – darksaber role play toy
  • The Child Animatronic Edition
  • Vintage Collection Jedi Luke and a Gonk droid
  • Force FX Darth Revan saber

The ESB reveals include:

  • Hyperreal Bespin Luke coming in Spring 2020
  • Boba Fett roleplay helmet
  • 40th Anniversary ESB Waves: Yoda, AT-AT Driver, Hoth Leia, Bespin Han, Bespin Luke (new head with photoreal)
  • 2nd Wave: Lando Calrissian w/ photoreal, TIE Fighter Pilot, R2-D2 (Dagobah), Hoth Rebel Soldier with alternate portrait,
  • Luke snowspeeder pilot (totally new sculpt) with removeable helmet
  • Imperial Probe Droid deluxe figure
  • Vintage Collection Slave 1 with an all new vertical stand, including Han with Carbonite. This features an all new deco on both sides of the vehicles.
  • Retro Collection: Bespin Luke, Hoth Leia, Hoth Han, Yoda, Lando Calrissian, Boba Fett – Walmart exclusive
  • Hoth Ice Planet Game with Luke Snowspeeder Pilot
  • Black Series: Snowspeeder w/ Dak — Amazon exclusive

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